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Speaking Subjects

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Dr. White Hodge is available to lecture, present, and/ or workshop on any of the following subjects:

Popular Culture

Hip Hop Studies (History, spirituality, gender/ sexuality, & race)

Youth & Popular Culture (Gaming, Television, & Film)

Adolescent Development (Urban & City)

Religion & Media (Film, Gaming, & Interpretation) 

Media Analysis & Process (Methodology)

The Impact of Western Youth Culture

Critical Race Issues

Intercultural Communication

Racial Reconciliation

Race, Missions, & White Supremacy


Youth Ministry (urban, suburban, & rural)

Missiology & Missions (Short term & abroad)

Biblical racial reconciliation

Communicating The Gospel

Hip Hop & Youth Ministry

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I want to have Dan come speak!

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Dan is available to speak on many different topics. He brings with him a contemporary interactive speaking style complete with humor, multimedia, and audio/ visual components to liven his topics. To see a listing of his topics, click here!

His speaking rates vary. To set up a speaking engagement please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or call 626.628.3604 & leave a message. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

In your message please include:

  • Your name & contact info
  • Type of event
  • Name of organization
  • Number of people expected at event
  • Dates of the event
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Media & Headshots

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Quick Bio:

Daniel White Hodge, PhD, is the Director of the Center for Youth Ministry Studies and Assistant Professor of Youth Ministry at North Park University in Chicago. Currently, his research and community engagement explore the intersections of faith, critical race theory, justice, Hip Hop culture, and youth culture. His two current books are Heaven Has A Ghetto: The Missiological Gospel & Theology of Tupac Amaru Shakur (VDM 2009), and The Soul Of Hip Hop: Rimbs, Timbs, & A Cultural Theology (IVP 2010). He is currently finishing a book titled The Hostile Gospel: Exploring the Socio-Theological Traits inThe Post Soul Context of Hip Hop (Brill, late 2015). His upcoming book Between God & Kanye: Youth Ministry in a Post-Civil Rights Era (IVP 2016) will break new ground in youth minstry studies and is co-authored with Pastor Russell St. Bernard.


Dan White Hodge Speaking

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Bio & About

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With 24 years of multi-ethnic & intercuoltural youth work experience, Daniel White Hodge, PhD, is a recognized urban youth culture expert & cultural literacy scholar. Dr. Hodge is the  Associate Professor of Intercultural Communications at North Park University in Chicago where he chairs the department of Communication Arts & is research lead for the Catalyst_ _ 606 program. His research interests are the intersections of faith, Hip Hop culture, race/ethnicity, & young adult ethnic-minority emerging generations.Dr. Hodge has worked in the Hip Hop context for over 20 years and continues to focus on justice & disparity issues as it concerns ethnic-minority populations. He has worked for and with organizations such as Young Life and World Vision and has done work with undocumented youth in Los Angeles.His three books are Heaven Has A Ghetto: The Missiological Gospel & Theology of Tupac Amaru Shakur (VDM 2009), The Soul Of Hip Hop: Rimbs, Timbs, & A Cultural Theology (IVP 2010), Hip Hop’s Hostile Gospel: A Post Soul Theological Exploration (Brill Academic 2017) and He is currently awaiting publication of his next book titled Homeland Insecurity: A Hip Hop Missiology for the Post-Civil Rights Context (IVP Academic, late 2017). Dr. Hodge and his wife, Emily, reside in Chicago with their dancing/ acting daughter, Mahalia.